Apparently Im a hater..who knew?!?

Let me first say this. I love my friends though their ups and downs. I love seeing them happy and hate seeing them sad. In the ripe old age that I am my friends and I are all at a point in our lives where everyone is getting married and having kids. Most of my friends are married…most of my friends have kids…I am a single mom…my friends and I are in different points in my life. But one thing was for certain- I was always going to have that one girlfriend that was never going to get old (like the rest of us) She was going to stay wild and free and untamed by what society expects her to be. The girl who I lived vicariously though and lived for her stories and crazy facebook pictures. That is until she met the man of her dreams and now wants to settle. Am I happy for her? Yes, Ive been friends with her since we were 18 and shes has her fair share of losers (haven’t we all) put part of me feels like she has the world at her finger tips – she can up and leave the county whenever she wants. With a Masters degree in business she has opportunities to travel to countries the average human being only dreams of and shes throwing it all away to be like the rest of us. *sigh* Its like when your 16 year old gets pregnant. Are you sad? Maybe. Are you disappointed? maybe. Do you still love and have her back because at the end of the day that’s the most important thing? YES!  I guess Ill do what any self respecting friend does- welcome her to the world of boring and mediocrity.   Should I make a gift basket?


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