They say a womans loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and a mans loyalty is tested when he has everything. Men is you got a girl who stands by your side no matte what- who your calling at 2am just because you need to talk to someone- who you can be yourself around- thats a good woman. Who cares about her minor flaws because truth is everyone has flaws. So instead of looking at the fact that she may have a quality that you DONT like- pay attention to all of the qualities she has that makes her GREAT. The same goes for the ladies. You focus on the minor details in someone and miss the bigger picture. I knew a girl who wouldnt give this guy the time of day because he wore white sneakers. Seriously. White sneakers. He was a nice guy- kind of nerdy. He treated his girlfriends so good. She didnt care- she was truened off by the fact that he wore white sneakers. But then again this is the same girl who dates every single guiedo at the jersey shore (where we actually are from) and wonders why all the guys she dates are tools. Point Im trying to make is stop being so superficial. Judge people by who they are not how they dress or what they look like. Because you will end up missing out on alot


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