I hate females …not all but most


I get a lot of flack for being so judgmental toward females but from my experience females are ruthless! (Not all…but some) I was raised that as a female you should always have your own and never need to rely on anyone. A relationship is a partnership not an opportunity to get rich. If I approached you and said “hey let’s start a business together BUT your going to put up all the money and do all the work but we will put both our names on the business and when it makes money we will split it” if your smart you will tell me no and to go F myself yet you got these hoes (yeah I said HOES) who call themselves “stay at home moms” who’s men/husbands/babies daddies work like an animal to pay all the bills ….men! Why do you allow yourself to be taken advantage of! And those same whores are the ones who complain that their life is hard! What’s so hard about going to the park and watching the Price is Right! You can’t even come to me n say your life is hard! I do what you do PLUS work 50+ hours a week. There is nothing hard about cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Plus all the stay at home moms I know are always at the park or Gymboree or some other play place. There used to be this kid who used to go to my job- he was 20- he didn’t have a job- his parents paid all his bills and even gave him beer/weed money…he was such a deadbeat….and yes that’s how I see stay at home moms….your man is paying all your bills and giving u spending money. You know who’s a real mom to me? Women like myself who teach their children the value of hard work- who work 2 and 3 jobs just to provide for their children. Not those bum hoes standing there with their hands out asking their man for money. Everything from the clothes on my sons back to the shoes on his feet and the food in his belly comes from my pocket. I rather do without then chase some dude for money. Men and women need to compliment each other and MATCH what each other brings to the table. Not let the poor guy bust his butt while is wife is home watching tv and getting her hair done. Your grown you shouldn’t have to ask permission to buy things….if you have your own money then buy what you want as long as your half of the bills are paid for.


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