Theres a scene in the notebook where the mother brings her daughter to some yard and you see a bunch of guys working shoveling dirt or coal or something…and the mother says that the guy is the love of her life…n gives some speech about true love…and that not a day goes by that she doesnt regret not being with him so she drives by his job every day to watch him. Let me tell you, if you never been in love, there is no greater pain then being head over heels and life doesnt allow you to be together. Thinking “what if i made a different choice” i know all things happen for a reason and you cant take things back but that doesnt take away the pain and the heartache. Knowing that the only person you ever loved- is in the arms of someone else- because when your back was against the wall- you chose the peaceful choice instead of backing them. My life would be different- better- because the only time i was happy- was with him.


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